Other License Areas, Tanzania

Iringa License

The Iringa license area is 350 kms west-south-west of Dar es Salaam located in the Kilombera Basin within which indications of uranium mineralization occur in a granite-pegmatite host. The Iringa license area historically has high radiometric background readings. Exploration work has consisted of a reconnaissance site visit with a sampling program for multi element analysis. Further work would evaluate the uranium potential and association with the alkali granites.

Liwale License

The Liwale license area is approximately 400 kms south-west of Dar es Salaam and is located in the east edge of the Selous (Luwegu) Basin. The Liwale license area covers a swathe of the Selous basin infilled with Karoo System age sandstone known to host uranium mineralization throughout southern Africa. The Selous Basin has the key characteristics required for the formation of such deposits.